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Mascot Maker Philippines

Since 2004, I make puppets for  corporation and grow my puppet into mascot by the year 2008. Puppets gave me the opportunity to master the basic skills to produce an image into life. This gave me a chance to customized puppets and mascot to corporations, schools,  churches, and to individual locally and abroad.  https://plus.google.com/u/0/

Feel free to contact me for your inquiries at 6565742 / 09179734460

or visit my site at :…


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Être surdouée, ou, tout ce que je peux faire mieux qu’Albert Einstein / Ich glaube, ich bin hochbegabt, aber anders als Einstein.


Je suis très vraisemblablement surdouée, tout comme Albert Einstein et les autres super-génies. Pas dans la physique, mais dans d’autres domaines. Je ne sais pas lesquels. Je pense que c’est dans le domaine des peignes, l’achat de T-shirts à paillettes et les parfums. Et toi !

D’ailleurs, le mot chignon en Allemand (Hochsteckfrisur) ne diffère pas beaucoup du mot surdoué (Hochbegabt). J’ai lu sur Internet que de nos jours les surdoués sont mieux détectés dans les lycées. Je…


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Désirable, sans être parfaite - Begehrenswert, aber ohne krampfhaft perfekt sein zu müssen.

Désirable, sans être parfaite.

On vient juste de me faire savoir que je ne sais pas pendre le linge et que je fais mal la vaisselle.


Aha. Et alors ? Ca fait de moi quelqu’un de mauvais ? Que je me querelle avec le destin ? Que je me sens inutile parce que je ne suis pas parfaite ? Que je suis jalouse de tous ceux qui accrochent le linge et font la vaisselle mieux que…


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My new children's film

Though my show caters to a more mature audience, I finished filming my first children"s project "Where's The Kitty" in Dec. 2011.  It was made as a special Christmas gift for a 12 month old who loved it.  It is now posted on my youtube channel http://youtu.be/MQcZlhAZiV8 His parents loved it too.

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My Show

Check out my show, The Patsy Hoolahan Show and enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/user/Patsyhoolahan?feature=mhee

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Indian Culture Children's Puppet Program!

Were making a really cool kids program with puppets!

Check out the links below to find out more and how you can help!

Teddy The Traveler Goes To India!


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Kenya Puppet Theatre Platform 2011

The Kenya Puppetry Theatre Platform 2011, as a mini festival is a pre - festival activity towards 2012 Kenya International Puppetry Festival (KIPF), it aims at providing a platform for scholars, cultural practitioners, the media, puppeteers and other individual artists and the general public to interact with Kenya existing puppetry companies which will showcase the best performances ever, ; Bunraku, The last man standing and Atieno Yo!

Screening of puppetry in TV shows and films in…


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  Hey Puppet Community!   I've got some fun puppet new to share with you!   This fall, Puppet Heap Playthings will launch their first ever line of hand puppets- Mother Hubbard Among Others. The richl…


Hey Puppet Community!


I've got some fun puppet new to share with you!


This fall, Puppet Heap Playthings will launch their first ever line of hand puppets- Mother Hubbard Among Others. The richley designed collection of hand puppets will be available in stores nationwide and on Amazon.com for $19.99


Puppet Heap Playthings is all about inspiring people to share through stories and play. As such, the hand puppets combine…


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Finding this place is fantastic......

I'll be entering my sixth decade of life on the 30th of this October 2011. Late last year I was sitting here in my computer room/improvised mini studio thinking at the time I was going to do. I wanted something that I could have fun doing and have a form of expression. I don't understand why but I had this thought about puppets and puppetry. I thought about it. I actually liked the concept. I haven't realized  when I decided to take this path just how complicated and involved puppetry could…


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UNIMA - Kenya, the national centre for puppetry in Kenya, in partnership with the Kenya Cultural Centre, is holding an international puppetry platform 2011 as from 11th-13th November, in Nairobi, Kenya. It will be the first time this event will be held. 100 puppets gallery will take place in this forum. The aim of 100 puppets gallery is to gather a hundred puppets from diverse performing backgrounds spaces in one place; Puppets are to be collected from…


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aqm , puppeteers from québec .canada,celebrating the 30 years

come and see the  new site ..... aqm.ca  its  great  we  have activities,festivals,events  and   parties    you are  all free to  come ...

just  arrived on this   site  its  great  love you  guys  julie  saint-pierre puppeteer  imagiik.ca

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18 Citation of Excellence Winners Announced

An unprecedented number of shows were awarded Unima-USA's prestigious Citation of Excellence Award this year. 18 awards in the live performance and recorded media categories were handed out by Marianne Tucker, Unima-USA's Citation Committee Chair, at a ceremony during the Puppeteers of America's Southeast Regional recently held in…


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Bringing Thai String Puppets To Life

Once upon a time, recently has a one young group to not knowing about it string puppet came together to do what they love, that is the string puppet of Thai. Do you know than a string puppet is a beautiful and have a life on the stage. How the string puppet these have a life up?…


Added by Piewnam on June 24, 2010 at 1:00am — 1 Comment

The Last Man Standing (puppetry performance)


The Last Man Standing’’ Puppetry Performance will premier for the

first time in Kenya on April 9, 2010 at the Italian Institute of

Culture ( Westland - Grenadier Towers, Opposite Jacaranda/Landmark


“The Last Man Standing’’ is a tale of a brave wildebeest called Mara.

A story told in 2070 by BONES (MARA carcass) including a letter

written by the Mask in 2010 warning of the pending danger caused by



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vive les puppets

nique les lois humaines ca fait maintenant 33 ans que je suis une puppet et que je me rebelle contre le systeme humain!!!le combat continue sur http://crbr.over-blog.com!!!

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Jeff Dunham Shows

Jeff Dunham has been developing his art as a ventriloquist for the last thirty years. His star rose after a six-minute appearance on "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson in 1990. The last 5 years have finally brought him the fame he deserves. Jeff’s DVDs (“Spark of Insanity,” “Arguing with Myself,” and”Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special”) are still among the best-selling DVDs on Amazon.

People from all over the world have come to love… Continue

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2010 residencies for artists, curators, scholars, designers and creatives of all kinds

Elsewhere Collaborative, a living museum and experimental production environment in downtown Greensboro, NC, is now accepting applications from artists, curators, writers, musicians, designers, gardeners, makers, builders, scholars, producers, and creatives across media for residencies in 2010. Elsewhere is set within a three-story former thrift store, boarding house, and… Continue

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Five Word

Five words that can change people and the world.

LOVE : Love yourself and love others, Love doing things my self.

BELIEFS : Believe that we can do everything, but it will do very well how little.

That is depending on the ability of the each individual.

EARNESTNESS : Have a intend, seriously in we’re doing to themselves and others.

FAITH : Accredit and faithful to we’re doing to… Continue

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FESTIVALS LOOKING FOR OUR SHOWS? making puppets, mask and original theatre in Hong Kong

my husband and I make interesting puppets and sacred theatre in Hong Kong..just finished 5 sold out shows of our latest show The Hands of Time..

please check out our website...www.alltheatreco.com

do you know of any festivals looking for our kind of shows internationally?


maggie blue o'hara and hoi chiu

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